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Rick Scott Wants to Shift University Degree Funding Away From Some Degrees

Rick Scott does not believe that some programs such as anthropology, psychology, liberal arts contribute much to Florida’s economy and wants to decrease funding. Scott wants to shift funding to degrees that have the best job prospects, weed out unproductive professors, and reconsider the system that offers job security to faculty. The governor has been making his intention known during a series of interviews across the state.  He is hoping to shift more funding to science, technology, engineering and math departments.

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St. Thomas University Launches 50th Anniversary Celebrations

St. Thomas University is planning a series of events throughout 2011 to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The University was established in Havana, Cuba and became Cuba’s first private catholic university.  After Castro confiscated the school property and expelled the fathers, the catholic founders established Biscayne College in Miami Dade County. In 1984 Biscayne College changed its name to St. Thomas University.

For more information see St. Thomas University’s newswire

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UM Ranked No. 38 in U.S. News “Best Colleges”

After months of controversy with past and present students in certain athletic programs, UM was validated by its increase in ranking among the best universities.  The school was rated, in the U.S.  News and World Report, as the 38th best higher education institution. This 9 point rise since last year’s rating has enabled the university to maintain their number one ranking among the other schools in the state of Florida.  This makes the school one of the fastest rising institutions among other national universities.

For more information, see U.S. News and World Report:

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Isiah Thomas’ Mary Court Foundation Donates to FIU First Generation Scholarship Fund

Isiah Thomas and his wife donated $50,000 on behalf of their foundation, Mary’s Court to FIU’s First Generation Scholarship fund.  The presentation took place at the Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Boch All-Star classic to benefit Mary’s Court. The First Generation Scholarship is the only program in Florida to match private donations by 100 percent. So the Mary’s Court donation will increase to $100,000.  Approximately 40 percent of FIU students will be the first generation in their family to obtain college degrees.  For example, Tresha Thomas was one of the  recepient of this scholarship which has helped her to achieve her education aspirations at FIU.

For more information see FIU News:

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Antipoverty Group Works with Community Colleges to Graduate More Students

Antipoverty Group Works With Community Colleges to Graduate More Students 1

Mercy Arenas, a project coordinator for the antipoverty group Single Stop USA meets with a student from Miami Dade College’s North Campus to discuss benefits for which she may be eligible.  Single Stop USA is a New York based non-profit agency whose mission is to fight poverty. Since 2009, it has formed partnership with several community colleges to eradicate poverty that restricts students form completing college.  One such case is Julio Cohen who was laid off from his job. After subsequently enrolling at Miami Dade College, his need to assist his family was addessed by Single Stop USA which arranged for his family to receive food stamps. He says the money he used for food goes instead to savings and he can focus on his goal to obtain his architectural design and building construction technology degree.

For additional information see

The Chronicles of Higher Education –

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Rick Scott wants Universities to List Graduates’ Earnings

by Michael C. Bender

Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott wants to know where college graduates in Florida are finding jobs, how much they’re earning and what university officials are paid. He sent a letter Oct. 13 to Florida’s 11 state university presidents with 17 requests for data, surveys and other information. To read more about the conversation, read more:

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Some University Professors Get Six Figure Salaries

Gov. Rick Scott has posted the salaries of employees at all of Florida’s 11 public universities — a move some faculty leaders say is pointed at professors and meant to make universities appear wasteful.

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