Antipoverty Group Works with Community Colleges to Graduate More Students

Antipoverty Group Works With Community Colleges to Graduate More Students 1

Mercy Arenas, a project coordinator for the antipoverty group Single Stop USA meets with a student from Miami Dade College’s North Campus to discuss benefits for which she may be eligible.  Single Stop USA is a New York based non-profit agency whose mission is to fight poverty. Since 2009, it has formed partnership with several community colleges to eradicate poverty that restricts students form completing college.  One such case is Julio Cohen who was laid off from his job. After subsequently enrolling at Miami Dade College, his need to assist his family was addessed by Single Stop USA which arranged for his family to receive food stamps. He says the money he used for food goes instead to savings and he can focus on his goal to obtain his architectural design and building construction technology degree.

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